10 DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

by WangTianyu on October 11, 2022
Halloween is a holiday that can let your imagination roam wild and decorate your home before October 31st. The sky is the limit, But inspiration can be tricky to come by, even for the best of us, which is why we're here to provide a helping hand. Whether it's making a mummy door or a witch in a broom, the possibilities for decorating your home for Halloween are endless. Here are 10 DIY Halloween decorating tips.
1. Bats and Ghosts
Every Halloween needs to feature some bats and ghosts. Just use some egg carton bases and outside leaves to adorn your lighting fixtures or door tops with bats and ghosts. Cut out the bottom of the carton and paint it black using magic markers. Add eyes to the full effect. Take the leaves from the outside, spray them white, color in some of the eyes, and string them with the bats to go a step further.
Photo by Liz Marie from Pinterest
2. Ghost Light
Let's get out there so we can give those troublemakers. Just take an empty milk box and draw the face of your imagined ghost. Then, cut a hole in the back of the kettle and throw a few small bulbs in it.
Photo by Christmas Light Source from Pinterest
3. Make your own Halloween ornaments
Obviously, we can do it by hand, otherwise those materials that are only used once a year are a bit of a waste. Let's take out those other rustic ornaments and turn them into Halloween decorations. Additional materials you will need newspaper or paper, paint, glue, and some string. Cover your ornaments with paper/newspaper. Then, painting Halloween designs like witch legs or pumpkin faces and let it dry. Once it does, hang decorations around the house. Hope your new decor looks like this.
Photo by Salvaged Living from Pinterest
4. Carving or painting a pumpkin
An old element, but an enduring item. Anyone heading into Halloween will have extra pumpkins. Make sure you make the most of each and do not waste any valuable ornaments. Make the pumpkins stand out by painting them white and adding some creepy designs. On the other hand, you can always choose to sculpt them out and create a goofy face or try something more creative. For example the following:
Photo by Vi i Villa from Pinterest

Photo by Liz Marie from Pinterest
5. The Mummy Door
This is probably our easiest decorating tip, the only required supply items are toilet paper and colored tape. We recommend using tape as this will not ruin the finish or remove any paint that is currently on the door. Glue the edges of the door yellow, then use some black taps around halfway through the door as thick horizontal rods. Use white tape over black tape to add some eyes. Then, attach the toilet paper strips from side to side to complete your mummy door.
Photo by POPSUGAR from Pinterest
6. The Mummy Family
Sticking with our mummy theme, why not turn your new audios into Halloween decoration? Go out and grab some burlap or muslin (you can buy something cheap at Walmart) and wrap it around any portable speakers you have lying around the house. Glue them around the speaker, then use magic markers to add dark circles. If you're uneasy about these new audios, you can always go out and buy wood strips and build your own home.
Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels
7. Take advantage of things from nature
We've touched leaves and squash, but now we're going to throw some pine cones at the center of your table. Combining Halloween and fall favorites, just grab some pine cones from your yard. Take the extra zucchini and color them white. Once the paint is dry, take the pine cones and pumpkin and place it in a clear jar, also for flowers or other centerpieces. Organise the jar with some extra leaves and you've filled your first Halloween/fall table.
Photo by Nati from Pexels
8. Pumpkin cooler
Nothing is as exciting as the World Cup. Let's combine the enthusiasm of Halloween with the love of sports and create the pumpkin into a cooler! Take a large pumpkin and make sure you scoop out all the pulp inside. Cut the squash in half to make it look like a big bowl. Then, filled with ice, just add a drink of your choice. This strategy can also be used for any Halloween party decoration, or even for a school dance.
Photo by Southern Living from Pinterest
9. Dress up the Halloween dinner table
It's always nice to hang out with friends, but why not dress up for a dinner party they'll be talking about for a few weeks or share on their social networks. The possibilities for setting the Halloween table are endless, but many basic strategies include black and orange plates, fake mice, black flowers, warning tape, or a black tablecloth. If you really want to impress them, you can buy styrofoam to make chains and hang them from the chandelierr.
Photo by Keri Houchin | colorful DIY and crafts, planners, & holiday fun from Pinterest
10. Hanging Witch
When flying on a broom, there's no telling where you end up. If there are witches standing in your home, it will greatly increase the horror atmosphere. And if there is a flagpole on the side of the house, replace it with a broom. Then, go to your local craft or Halloween store and pick up a cheap witch costume and hang it on your broom. Above your front door would be perfect. If the wind blows on Halloween night, it will have unexpected effects.
Photo by Country Door from Pinterest
Halloween decorating is one of the few home design and remodeling activities where the actual process is as exciting as the final product itself. Creating, designing and hanging Halloween decorations is a fun activity you can do with your kids, spouses and friends. 
Of course, one of the most important activities of Halloween is to transform yourself. Are you ready for this year's Halloween costumes?
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