5 brilliant dorm room decorating ideas to make your space feel homey

by WangTianyu on August 12, 2022
A new school year is kicking off, and most students should be looking into dorm ideas for the new semester to make your dorm feel like home. Whether you'll be living in a new dorm or a continuation of the previous one, you definitely want to live in a place that feels as warm as home. Here are 5 fabulous tips to create a space you’ll want to spend time in, even during those dreaded all-nighters.
1. Make your bed extra comfy with pillows
When dorm room decorating, an easy way to add character is with throw pillows. Nomatter it is a simple solid color pillow or a personalized design one, it is a classic accessory that quickly adds warmth. Furthermore, pillows are fairly inexpensive and can be bought individually or in pairs.
 Here we recommend Miulee's velvet throw pillowcase, which are the best seller, perennial top spot in Amazon's Throw Pillow Cover category. The solid color appearance and soft touch can give you a lot of psychological relaxation when you holding it in your arms.
Photo from Miulee Home
2. Add a plush area rug
In dormitories, floors are generally cement floors or thin, industrial-grade carpet. That’s not very cozy for getting in and out of bed. Adding a furry area rug next to your bed adds a pop of color and softness underfoot.
 This floor mat from Miulee is very suitable to embellish your space. The dense fur is very skin-friendly and will not prick your feet or shed hair.
Photo from Miulee Home
3. Create a homey feel with curtains
If you have a dorm with poor views, or live on a lower floor, you will need sheer curtains for privacy, and a brighter, more airy feel room. Of course, you can choose to install a blackout curtain to cushion the dimness of the room so that you can sleep more soundly.
 This is a window screen from Miulee, with fine texture, excellent drape, very effective in soft indoor light, and at the same time opaque, it can well protect you from prying eyes.
Photo from Miulee Home
4. Get a blanket that looks and keeps you warm
The dormitory is a collective life. For those who are new to the collective life, it is always easy to disagree on the adjustment of indoor temperature. At the same time, the residual heat of summer has not yet passed when we back to school. We need a blanket to adjust our warmth and prevent us from getting sick.
 This cooling blanket is Miulee's new product this year. It is made of special material, which can magically adjust our body temperature. Maybe your dormitory life will need it!
Photo from Miulee Home
5. Prepare some green plants
Green is always easy to keep people happy. Adding greenery to your dorm will help it stay fresh. And indoor plants are good for your health, so bring some low-maintenance varieties. So your spare time will stay alive.
Plus there are plenty of ways to make your dorm feel like home. The above are just some suggestions provided by Miulee. We hope everyone can have a warm campus life in the new semester!

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