8 Decorating Ideas to Make Thanksgiving More Atmospheric

by WangTianyu on November 07, 2022
Renew your home for your vacation with these favorite fall accents.
Winter has always been a season of celebration, with Halloween just past, the busiest Christmas, and the upcoming Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time for share dinner and joy. For many, the holiday also involves going out on a trip to be near loved ones. But it has to be said that, hosting and cooking family recipes is tradition for the vast majority of people. Whether you're the director or the guest, across communities and villages, people come together on this day, and most of it comes from sitting around a table (or three) for a hearty family meal.
No matter what your home's holiday traditions are, anything from an entire house renovation to iust a table setting can add to the holiday vibe. Here are some Thanksgiving decorating ideas to consider for your home this holiday season.
01 / 08  Felt Garland
Thanksgiving is not a traditional special holiday, so you can make some felt flower strings in the style you like. Not only can you choose a color, but you can hang it anywhere you need some seasonal style. Here, maple leaves and beads are made from felt. String the wreath on the front porch, on the interior stairs, or as a banner for the room where you have a holiday meal.
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02 / 08  Dried Fruit Wreath
Wreaths are beautiful every time of the year, and when you add fall colors like orange, red, and yellow, they're perfect for ushering in the Thanksgiving holiday. Consider repurposing a winter wreath by adding dried orange slices. Or DIY a new wreath with just a few modifications. Pinecones, seeded eucalyptus, and berries (both real and dried) are great additions. Add your wreath to your door for a pleasant welcome.
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03 / 08  Thanksgiving Mantel Decor
Add fall foliage color to your Thanksgiving mantel along with pumpkin and dried berries. And add products with lattice elements at the bottom to increase the visual abundance. The ears of rice, representing a bumper harvest, add layers and enrich the meaning of autumn.
Photo by Farmhouse Hub from Pinterest
04 / 08  Thankful Tree Accent
In addition to some decorations that can be a very direct display of Thanksgiving, there are some more appropriate options, such as making objects that convey the holiday message, which can both fit the holiday and save money on the budget. This DIY tree accent is perfect as a focal point for a kitchen island, mantelpiece, or coffee table. Simply cut out the shape of the leaves on construction paper and ask your family to write down what they are grateful for this year. Then hang them on a branch and stick them in a vase.
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05 / 08  Greenery Table Runner
Table runners are a great way to decorate your Thanksgiving table and can be easily customized to fit your venue setting. This table runner is very beautiful, with magnolia leaves, pine leaves and large pine cones. Plump pomegranates, pears, and bright red fruit are also added throughout the arrangement for contrasting colors.
Photo by Kris - Driven by Decor from Pinterest
06 / 08  Thanksgiving Centerpiece
This easy Thanksgiving centerpiece requires utilizing an empty box to hold items and prevent rolling. When the guests sit down to pass the food, just take the center piece and place it somewhere else, it will be a great display no matter where it is. Consider choosing colors that match your dishes or other Thanksgiving decorations, whether it's a traditional palette of oranges, yellows and reds or softer seasonal shades. Of course, you can choose to make a fall harvest centerpiece or a flowerbox centerpiece.
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07 / 08  DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting
You don't have to go to great lengths to create an exciting Thanksgiving table. Consider making a delicate ring out of random strips of paper you can find in your yard and sticking a white strip on it, a stylized seat tag and you're done.
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08 / 08  Custom Menu
Not only does the custom menu add a layer of sophistication to your Thanksgiving table setting, but it's also an elegant (yet simple!) way to share family traditions. If you choose to customize your menu, consider photocopying or recreating dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation. You can keep the original recipe text (including handwriting, stains, or torn paper), the more information you keep, the better! Or just enter your menu and place it in a glass frame so it can be saved forever and reused.
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