Curtains do more than just block light!

by WangTianyu on April 26, 2022
Curtains are a kind of decoration, and every window in the house needs a curtain, which is convenient for our life to block light and protect privacy. Don't underestimate curtains. In fact, curtains have many functions, and they play their functions in your home all the time.
1. Shading - AHelper for Adjusting the Light
Shading: if you often lose sleep all night because of a little light, it is not easy to take a nap at noon without curtains. When there is a strong blackout curtain in the room,  sleeping will become a very simple matter.
Adjust the light: choose a venetian blind for the study, or install a sheer curtains in the living room to soften the light and create a comfortable atmosphere.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
2. Regulates Indoor Temperature—Insulation In Summer, Warmth In Winter
In the cold winter, the curtain is the coat of the home, blocking the cold wind that wants to drill into the house; and in the hot summer, the curtain is the protective cover of the home, isolating the high temperature outside and preventing the cold air produced by the air conditioner from escaping.
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3. Blocking UVRays - Rashguard for Furniture
Do you know what is the culprit of the fading and aging of the delicate floors, carpets, sofas, bookcases and other furniture at home? It's UV! With curtains, it is equivalent to wearing a rashguardt at home to protect the appearance of the furniture and prolong the service life of the furniture.
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels
4. Protect Privacy - Avoid Outsiders to Disturb
Home is the most relaxing, undefended place. Now that the window design is getting bigger and bigger, and the distance between buildings is getting closer and closer, curtains, the privacy guardian, can avoid outsiders from being disturbed and protect life from being snooped on.
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels
5. Dust-Proof - Guard Against Dust
Dust is everywhere, if dust flying into the room is not good for the respiratory health of the family. Therefore, the home needs curtains, which can not only block most of the dust, but also ventilate and keep the indoor air fresh.
Photo by josue Verdejo from Pexels
6. Decorative Room- The Facade of A Home
Textured curtains are a large decorative painting in the home and reflect the owner's taste. Different styles of space also need to be matched with different styles of curtains!
Photo by Visually Us from Pexels
7. Regulate the Mood - Bring Joy
Different color of curtains can adjust different moods. Pure and quiet dark-colored curtains can make people calm and peaceful. Fresh and bright light-colored curtains can make people feel happy. If you work for a day and come home to see a wall of green curtain, your tired body and mind will also be relieved.
Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels
When purchasing curtains, we should not only consider its beauty but also its practicality.In the bedroom, we need curtains with better shading to ensure our rest. The living room needs beautiful curtains to better decorate our home. So choose the curtains carefully, let the curtains better embellish your home!

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