Do you know these practical curtain collocation skills?

by WangTianyu on May 31, 2022
Curtains are a very important part of home decoration, and the collocation skills of curtains can directly reflect the taste of the homeowner. Curtains not only play a role in protecting privacy, but they also play a decisive role in the overall beauty of the space.
How to match curtains to make the space more eye-catching? Miulee will introduce you to three practical collocation skills of curtain.
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No.1 Shading Properties
When choosing curtains, we need to take into account its shading properties. Because of the different needs for shading, we usually consider the bedroom and the living room separately.
① The living room generally needs sufficient light, and a transparent living room can make us feel full of vitality. When it comes to the collocation skills of curtains in the living room, we usually choose sheer curtains, which not only protects privacy, but also ensures sufficient light. If you want the living room to have enough light and sometimes keep it quiet, you can choose a combination of full blackout + translucent curtains, which can be changed at will according to different needs.
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② The bedroom, as our daily rest place, chooses to install full blackout curtains, which can block the light and reduce external noise to a certain extent.
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No.2 Colors And Patterns
① Match the color of the curtains to the color of the walls.
If you don't know what color curtains to choose, and you can't match them, then the easiest curtain matching technique is to choose the same color curtains as the wall, and you can't go wrong. Simple and generous, the window and the wall are integrated, so that the space looks harmonious and unified, forming a natural whole.
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② The color of the curtains can also be consistent with the colors of the carpets, fabric lounge chairs, and bedding.
Because curtains are also fabric materials in essence, when the colors of curtains and carpets are the same, there will inevitably be a color matching effect that echoes each other.
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③ If you feel that solid color curtains will be a little monotonous, then you can choose curtains with patterns as decoration.
The pattern should not be too large or exaggerated. In the choice of pattern, you can refer to the window to choose. For example, if the window is relatively short, then the horizontal or floral pattern should not be selected, and the vertical pattern can be selected; If the window is small, then choosing a large floral pattern is not recommended.
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No.3 Curtain Material
Curtains of different fabrics create a very different atmosphere. Soft curtain fabrics are suitable for a natural and refreshing home environment; silky fabrics are suitable for a graceful and luxurious atmosphere; cotton and linen textured fabrics are suitable for casual decoration styles.
Photo By Olga Lioncat from Pexels
It is worth noting that we need to pay special attention to whether the fabric will shrink when purchasing. In terms of cleaning, it is recommended to clean at most once a year. It is not recommended not to dehydrate or dry so as not to damage the texture of the curtain itself and deform it. Curtains should be naturally air-dried to avoid exposure to the sun.
Finally, everyone can be the home improvement master of their own home, Miulee wish you a happy life!

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