Have you brought the top 8 must-have items to go to the beach in summer?

by WangTianyu on June 14, 2022
Summer is here, are you ready to go to the beach? The seaside environment is uniquely hot and humid, in addition to the need to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a towel, a beach mat is always a must-have item. But in addition to these, there are 8 other things that are easily overlooked, remember to bring them!
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1. Wet wipes
When your hands become sticky and sticky from eating ice cream; when you swim in the sea and find that the mascara gradually melts; when you touch some unknown slimy thing in the water, you will find a wet wipe is really helpful.So, if you go to the beach, remember to bring some wet wipes or antibacterial wipes, so you don't have to rush about a restroom.
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2. Sunscreen lip balm
Sunscreen is an absolute must-have at the beach, but don't forget to protect your lips. To keep your lips from peeling, remember to bring a sunscreen lip balm. A lip balm with an SPF of 15 and above is recommended.
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3. Hair rope or headband
Everyone who heads out to a beach date remembers to bring a sun hat, but do you know how to style your hair if it's felling off? Under the blowing sea breeze and the scorching sun, it is really inconvenient to have long hair, so bring a few hair ropes and headbands.
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4. Waterproof bag
Waterproof pouches can effectively protect your iPod, wallet and phone from being eroded by sea water or ravaged by children. This versatile bag saves your valuables from being destroyed by water. Bring it and you can take pictures underwater with your smartphone.
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5. Conditioner
Conditioners are vital to protecting your hair, but are often forgotten. When your hair gets tangled under the action of sea water, you can protect your hair from strain by spraying on conditioner. It is best to choose a conditioner with SPF to effectively resist the damage of the sun's rays on the hair.
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6. Trash bag
Don't forget to bring a trash bag unless you plan to be near the trash can. Finding a convenient place to dispose of wrapping paper, wipes, napkins and more at the beach is not an easy task. On the other hand, the seaside is usually windy, and all kinds of plastic or paper scraps are easily blown into the ocean, which is extremely damaging to the environment. So next time you go to the beach, remember to bring a trash bag.
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7. Insecticide
In an unfamiliar beach environment, it is wise to be prepared for the various pests that may appear. Mosquitoes, gadflies, wasps, and other pests are common around lakes, especially in the tropics, and with an insecticide spray, you can enjoy your beach trip in comfort.
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8. After-sun repair cream
It is recommended to apply sunscreen every two hours when going to the beach, and apply it immediately after swimming or sweating. If you don’t apply it enough, you will be easily sunburned. At this point, you'll thank yourself for wearing an after-sun repair cream. Repair cream should be the first choice containing aloe vera ingredients.
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When you have everything ready, your seaside trip will be very very very pleased.

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