How to Choose A Best Throw Pillow for Leather Sofas

by WangTianyu on August 27, 2022
Nowadays, almost everyone has a sofa at home, but we don't leave the sofa empty in the living room. The most common decoration on the sofa is the throw pillow. In the choice of throw pillows, any sofa is very simple, except for leather sofas. In today's article, Miulee will give you some ideas on how to choose a throw pillow for your leather sofa.
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We need to know, although throw pillows add a visual accent while also making your couch more comfortable, but not all pillows can complement the texture of a leather sofa without feeling too slippery or looking out of place. The best throw pillows for leather sofas are the right size for your sofa and are made from fabrics that contrast or complement the leather. At the same time, they should also echo the style of the space, whether through texture, color, shape, or any other design element. To make your choice of the best throw pillow ultimately down to personal preference, here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision:
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No matter how big your sofa is, you need to have the throw pillows you choose be proportional to the size of the sofa. Throw pillows of 18 x 18 inches or smaller are the right size for most sofas, but for deeper sofas, they can be increased to 26 x 26 inches.It's always a good idea to measure your space before making any purchases. In terms of shape, squares are the most common throw pillows, but you can also find rectangular lumbar pillows or pillows in more unusual shapes that offer some variation to your arrangement.
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When it comes to fabric, cotton, linen, polyester and any throw pillow with a velvet texture will have a great softness that accentuates the smoothness, texture and coating of a leather sofa. In families with children or pets, ease of cleaning is a major consideration when choosing a throw pillow. You can also look for textures and finishes like faux fur, embroidery, corduroy, and fringe to create depth between the pillows and give the sofa a different aesthetic. The choice of color is also important. If you want the throw pillows to complement your leather sofa by blending in or standing out, choose a color similar or very different from the rest of the room for contrast——It's all about visual balance. Also, mixing complementary colors and patterns or designs can be another way to enhance leather and other elements of a room or provide a seasonal aesthetic.
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Finally, and most notably, most throw pillows you can buy online are covers only, so you'll have to buy the actual pillow pad separately. When choosing an insert for a square pillow, it is recommended to increase the size by 2 inches so that your pillow will appear full and full. So if your pillowcase is 18 x 18 inches, choose a 20 x 20 inch pad. For non-square sizes, you may want to check reviews for recommendations from other buyers. For your convenience, I've recommended one of Miulee's best-selling pillow inserts below.
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Much has been written about what to suggest, but you may still not have a clear plan. The following are Miulee's 5 pillows that are recognized by the majority of Amazon buyers. If you are worried about which style to choose, you can refer to the following products:
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