【🥳Miulee tips time🥳】

by WangTianyu on March 05, 2021
1.Solid color curtains
Feeling that various curtain patterns are not easy to choose, just buy solid-color curtains and save trouble! As long as the color is not too abrupt, monochrome curtains can create a simple and atmospheric effect.🤗
2.The shade of the curtain follows the wall
If you have just finished decorating and the furniture has not been set, you can refer to the color of the wall when buying curtains. Nowadays, the more common beige and apricot-colored walls of hardcover rooms, the curtains can be selected in similar colors.In order to reflect the level of curtains and walls, without affecting the indoor lighting, you can make the curtains darker than the wall, just like ""painting eyeliner"" on the windows, which can make the windows appear bigger.
3.The shades of the curtains follow the ornaments
If the furniture is fully furnished and various soft decorations are also bought, it is a better choice to make the color of the curtains and the decorations the same.
4.Curtain fabric contrast stitching❤️
Two kinds of contrasting color curtain fabrics can be spliced ​​and hung, and you can buy half the width of each curtain fabric. Black and white is a choice. Use other colors and control the ratio of different colors according to your own preferences.

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