by Tianyu Wang on November 24, 2020

When God made everything.I'm glad he had a lot of blue.A great big sky for all the world.And eyes like yours for you.                                     

The warm colors are red,orange,yellow,and all the colors in between.These colors advance in space,which means they come toward you and make a big room feel smaller. They remind us of heat,sunshine,and warmth,and they make a space feel cozier.In some instances,we may feel warmer just by looking at them;you might even perceive a room to be a higher temperature if it’s painted in one of these colors.Typically,they’re thought of as stimulating colors,so they are used to energize and promote movement.

The cool colors are green,blue,purple,and all the colors in between.These colors recede in space when compared to warm colors.They are expansive and appear to push the walls of a room outward.They can make a space feel breezier,larger,and cooler.These colors remind us of water,sky,ice,snow,and cooler temperatures.Typically,they’re thought of as calming colors,so they’re used to help us soothe ourselves and unwind.

Every individual color has both warm and cool shades.For example,while red is a warm color,a cool red will have more blue in it,while a warm red will have more yellow.Think back to your crayon box-remember yellow-green and green-yellow?The difference may be subtle,but it’s there.Both are actually warm greens,but one is edging warmer since it’s more yellow.After we look at colors together,your eye will be trained to see the subtle difference between a cooler and a warmer version of color.


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