Where do you put those throw pillows?

by WangTianyu on July 28, 2022
If you want your bed to have Pinterest-worthy good looks, you'll need at least a few throw pillows to add some color and pattern. But after you've created your wonderful sanctuary for sleep, and it's time to head to dreamland, where do you put all those pillows? Throw them on the floor? So are they a potential trip hazard, a dog fur collector, or a dust magnet hiding under your bed. Or are you roughly throwing them at the foot of the bed? Either way, they will inevitably end up on the floor.
Whatever your situation, here are some solutions to help you end your nightly pillow fight.
No.1 Cut down the quantity.
A few throw pillows transform ho-hum bedding set from snooze to wake-up call. But that doesn't mean more is better -- as a general rule, anything more than three toss pillows is too much. Put any excess on the sofa in the living room, or use them in the guest room.
Photo by Burst from Pexels
No.2 Make space for your throw pillows in a closet or wardrobe. 
If you have a spacious wardrobe, closet or wardrobe in your bedroom, leave a little space for your pillows. Or put them in a clothes basket.
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels
No.3 Put throw pillows in the storage box next to the bed.
Place your pillows in a chest, storage bench, or trunk at the foot of the bed. If you have a decorative box or suitcase in your bedroom, put it to good use! It's also a great way to store extra blankets and sheets. Unless your bedroom is really small, a suitcase or storage bench is a great way to add storage to your bedroom.
Photo by Angela Roma from Pexels
No.4 Put throw pillows on your bay window.
If you have a window seat with storage underneath, use it as your pillow stash. Or just put a pillow on the seat for a little decoration.
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels
No.5 Put them on your bedroom reading nook chair.
You definitely have a chair in your bedroom to read, sit and put on your shoes, or just sit and think, right? Put them to use, it's also a great place to put throw pillows.
Photo by Veronica from Pexels
Whatever solution you decide on, remember to put the tossing pillow back in place once it's time to rearrange the bed and start a busy day.



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