Why are throw pillows increasingly important in our lives?

by WangTianyu on March 15, 2022
There are many types of pillows. If they are distinguished by seam, they can be divided into fringe, lotus leaf, wide edge, inner seam, piping and braided edge, etc. Different seam can show different tastes. Although the pillow is small, a lot of information can be seen from the small. For example, the personality of the owner will also be revealed from the different throw pillows.
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If one day someone takes away the pillow at home, you may feel an inexplicable loss. Because it gives you more than just the embellishment in your eyes. When you are tired, put a pillow behind your waist, it can relieve back pain and disperse physical fatigue; if you walk a lot, put a pillow under your legs, and it can gently relieve the discomfort of your legs; when watching TV, hug A pillow in his arms adds a sense of comfort and coziness.
Holding what you like, reading, chatting, listening to music, drinking and even falling asleep, happiness surrounds you in an instant. The reason why the pillow conveys warmth is that in addition to the visual experience of the color pattern, the touch of the fabric is also very important. Aya satin, cotton and linen velvet can give people a gentle touch, as long as you choose according to personal preferences and seasonal changes.
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Some people love throw pillows, not only because it can dress up the room and bring warmth, but also because it can show individuality. Today's throw pillows are no longer limited to the square shape, round, long, animal, cartoon, more and more shapes can capture different personality factors.
More whimsy, beaded flowers, feathers, sequins, tassels, ribbons and even stones are also incorporated into the color modeling, making the little throw pillow a full-fledged elves. Although it is only a small accessory, it is easy to lock the eyeball. Even if it is ordinary, it may change the monotony with the addition of a few throw pillows.
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Color is the first thing people know about things. For throw pillows, color is their biggest selling point. In a cool-toned home environment, colorful throw pillows can bring a very good adjustment effect. From the most popular fashion colors, it can be seen that the pillow with bright and moving colors is always the first choice for people. Of course, color matching is also very important, furthermore,stripes,plaids will bring an elegant atmosphere to the home.
 The use of pillows of different colors can also play a role in visually dividing the space. For example, if you like free space, you can completely connect the living room, dining room, and balcony at home, but you only need to put orange pillows in the dining room, a blue pillow for the light-colored sofa in the living room, and floral patterns for the balcony or seat. Then, the three interconnected spaces with different functions appear to be related and separate!
 In addition, dark blue throw pillows and cushions have a strong sense of palace, thick and elegant, revealing a strong nostalgic atmosphere, so they are more popular. However, because the style is relatively atmospheric, you should consider the matching effect with the overall and style of the room when choosing.
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Someone said that the status of the pillow in the interior decoration world has been equal to the status of the handbag in the fashion world.
The throw pillows in the pillow family are not as functional as bedside pillows, but more decorative and entertaining. With the continuous improvement of people's lifestyle, a throw pillow has evolved into a fashionable decoration.
When you feel lonely, scared or empty, hold a pillow, it will give you the comfort you need most. Many people habitually want to hug something soft and relieve tension when they watch thrillers. At this time, the throw pillow at the head of the bed often plays this role. In addition to meeting the functional needs of individual sitting, leaning and hugging, the importance of decorative aesthetics cannot be ignored. A decorative elves who have important "plays" in the home.
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On the bed, sofa, and seat, the frequency of throw pillows at home is getting higher and higher. The material, color and placement method of throw pillows also begin to affect the overall style of home decoration, and the design and color of throw pillows are changed with the change of seasons. Style, but also can increase the taste of life. Therefore, different pillows can bring different styles and fashions to home life.

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