Why Miulee's Velvet Throw Pillow Covers Consistently Rank #1 on Amazon's Bestsellers Ranks

by WangTianyu on September 07, 2022
With the development of society, throw pillows have become the products that are easy to ignore but have to exist in life. Nowadays, almost every household will have a few throw pillows, some are used for decoration, some are used for back support, and some have both functions. Therefore, the emergence of throw pillow covers solve the problems of changing styles and cleaning very well.
 Miulee is a brand dedicated to making home textile products, with a history of 5 years, mainly deal in throw pillow covers, curtains and other home decoration products. Our throw pillow covers have already accumulated more than 140,000 positive reviews, and, have consistently ranked first in Amazon's Best Seller rankings for more than 3 years, so far no brand can surpass.
 Why Miulee Throw Pillow Covers Are Consistently at The Top of Amazon's Bestseller Ranks?In order to let our buyers to understand our products better, and to allow us to achieve better development in product design and innovation, we have summarized the following reasons:
Photo from Miulee Home
1. Soft & velvety
As a throw pillow, comfort and softness are the primary considerations for many people when purchasing. Because when we need a throw pillow, it's often when we need to relax. These two aspects not only allow us to rest and decompress, but also produce a pleasant mood through the skin-friendly touch of the pillow, to quickly relieve fatigue.
Miulee's velvet throw pillow has this effect! Although the velvet fabrics on the market usually have poor texture, but Miulee chose the highest quality velvet fabric at the beginning of the design, so when you come into contact with this product, it will subvert your perception of ordinary velvet. Miulee has been selling this throw pillow cover for 6 years, and it has been ranked first in the Amazon's best sellers in the Throw Pillow Covers category. It's a product recognized by the market.
Photo from Miulee Home
[…] I never thought I would ever say this about a velvet pillow, since a lot of the velvet fabric I have touched is not soft and more of a stiff and abrasive material... not these! These are like BUTTER. So so so buttery soft, I can't stop feeling them. And the quality is great![…] 
A review from a buyer named Katie P.
In addition, there are buyers who commented like this: 
[…] I’ve been searching for the perfect pillow cover, had ordered a few different types but returned them. However, I’ve hit the jackpot with these and am ordering another set!
Lani Lively
These pillow covers are a lot better quality that I anticipated. They are made of a velvety type of material(super soft) and are definitely thick enough to hold up wash after wash.[…]
Smart shoppergirl1

Photo from Miulee Home
2. High quality
No one wants to buy something that breaks easily, even if it's cheap. As a small item in home life, the price of throw pillow covers are usually cheap. In order to make more profits, some businesses usually save costs in product production, such as use poor quality fabrics, zippers or stitches, causes buyers to tear easily after receiving the products.
Miulee has always built a reputation for high-quality products. Because of this, we have gained a group of fans who trust our quality.
Here are their endorsements to our products:
This is my second purchase and absolutely love these. They are velvety soft and my previous purchase are still holding up great after many washes. Will purchase again!
I ordered these 7 months ago & they’re still going strong. They’re very good quality, very soft.[…]
These are the best and most durable pillow cases I’ve ever had. I have 3 boys and 3 big dogs. I wash them all the time. They come clean easily and look and feel great. They are sooooo soft and look really pretty.

Photo from Miulee Home
3. Pet-friendliness
Nowadays, many people have pets at home, and more often they choose dogs or cats. Sometimes they like throw pillow more than human, because your scent on the throw pillow can reassure pets when you're not home. So it's easy to leave their hair on the throw pillow. The velvet fabric of our throw pillow covers are so smooth that it's easy to clean up. Let's see what buyers have to appraise about this issue!
I was pleasantly surprised. Super soft and quality pillow cover. I will buy this brand again. My dogs think they are great pillows to sleep with at night.
[…]I also have a dog who sheds a lot and surprisingly the hair barely sticks and what little does is super easy to brush off. Highly recommend.[…]
Jane W
These pillow cases are so great! Very soft, good quality and the best part is dog hair just brushes right off with your hand. All you dog owners out there should know what a big deal that is! I was driving myself crazy constantly lint rolling and vacuuming my old throw pillows, but not anymore! It just falls right off. Highly recommend if you have pups! :-)
An unnamed Amazon buyer
These are so soft and they look great! We also have two cats and I’m pleasantly surprised how they don’t attract the cat hair either.[…]
Photo from Miulee Home
4. Decoration Destination
Miulee's velvet throw pillow covers are very decorative. First of all, it comes in so many colors that it can be used for any occasion, whether it's a wedding scene, a holiday celebration, or a meeting room that needs seriousness, at the same time, it can be matched with any color and style of decoration or furniture. Secondly, they are installed with hidden zipper to increase the integrity of the throw pillow, it is a good decoration wherever you put it. Last but not the least, due to the production process and the high-quality velvet fabric used, will make it produce silver reflective in different light intensity and angle, which is very very textured. Doesn't make it look inferior because of the cheap price. If you're looking to redecorate your room on a limited budget, it's a good idea to consider buying a few of these throw pillow covers.
Bought several in different colors for various holiday decorating.
I’ve been looking forever for this color to match my rug and it’s perfect!
katrina lopez
[…] It makes it easy for me to change up my space between the seasons without having to deal with needing a lot of storage space. My husband loves them because they are super soft and nice to lay on them. I highly recommend these covers especially if you live in a small space and/or on a budget but wana change up your decor.
Gabrielle Genao
Best way to quickly change the decor of a room. Well made, soft and cuddly. If you have throw pillows that aren’t snuggly - throw one of these covers on. I have about 5 different colors of these that I change out with the seasons.
B. Brown


Photo from Miulee Home
5. Cost-effective
Through the description of the above advantages, although Miulee's velvet throw pillow cover is just an ordinary product, but it is superior to many other products. At the same time, its price is relatively acceptable, so it is definitely the most economical choice when buying a throw pillow cover.
[…]I thought for the price they would feel cheap, but they are so luxurious. I was shocked at how soft and velvety they are. I highly recommend these and will for sure buy more of these in the future!
I absolutely LOVE these pillows! They are so soft and feel like they cost three times what they did. Sometimes velvet can feel incredibly cheap and unpleasant to the touch, either too rough or almost greasy, but these were neither of those things. They're great to cuddle up with while watching a movie on the couch.[…]
Blair Crossman
[…] I am so thrilled I settled for these because they were cheap. They turned out to be better than I ever expected. I love them! They are so soft and exactly as pictured. Just buy them. It's such a great deal!
Samantha Schulte


Photo from Miulee Home
Miulee is a company dedicated to the production of home decor products, besides velvet throw pillow covers, there are many products of our brand on the bestseller list. Miulee has always adhered to the concept of "Your home, your way", so that you can easily find your favorite home improvement products in our store.



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