Adorable Checkerboard

par WangTianyu sur May 18, 2021

The checkered stripe design is inspired by the chess board. This simple and fashionable pattern is undoubtedly fascinating, so we applied it to the pillowcase. When you are bored, maybe you could use it to play a game of chess with your friends🥰😝.
If you observe carefully, you will find that most of the colors we use are bright and lively. This is the philosophy we want to convey to every customer: To create a warm and vibrant home for you.
In the choice of material, we passed many experiments and finally chose  linen material, the purpose is to be closer to your life and more comfortable to use. This farmhouse style is easier to match with a minimalistic home atmosphere.

Miulee——Committed to creating an exquisite home life for you!

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